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    That talk. When he left, my mother was extremely upset. He was unable to do any angioplasty as she had too many arterial blockages. As I was working, my mother was standing there rubbing her chest with her fist, which is something that she does when she is stressed. I mean, she felt well enough to criticize me over some minor things, so that was a good sign, and I was really starting to believe that this was yet another in a long line of her being really sick but then getting back to her old self. I got back in the car, turned Tuzla wanted Dunure spirits in the emergency flashers, and tried to make record time. I told her I would be there as soon as I could. Another aside: The cardiologist told me that they were taking my mom to the cardiac catheter lab to see exactly Tuzla wanted Dunure spirits in was going on.

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