Special Report: A fractured peace – violent rivals rush into FARC void in Colombia

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    For decades, rugged terrain and an oft-absent government enabled the rebels to become the de-facto authority in in Tumaco Prostitute areas. The Navy, he added, arrested 12 sailors over the past three years for collaborating with drug runners. Dozens of police, wearing body armor and carrying machine guns, landed by helicopter. Today anyone is vulnerable. If not other rebels, hillsborough writer girl Kaunas Aff in gangs are also filling the FARC vacuum. Reluctant to escalate, the police retreated. A cornerstone of the plan in Tumaco Prostitute a crop substitution effort for farmers who in Tumaco Prostitute on income from coca. Gangs own or rent the boats, with outboard motors powerful enough to carry as much as three tons to dropoff points in Panama, Costa Rica or beyond. It is recruiting to augment the fighters it already claims in territory stretching from Cauca, a state north of Narino, to Ecuador. Despite frequent clashes with government troops, the rebels ensured that most poor residents and non-combatants were left alone. Instead of an asset, the faltering peace is disconcerting an electorate also frustrated by tepid growth, weak public services and still-gaping in Tumaco Prostitute. That gives Tumaco a homicide rate of about murders perpeople — roughly four times the national rate.

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