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    Travel - Haiti Back when I arrived in early November it seemed like everyone was living in fear a bit. On arrival, the music was super loud, our local volunteers were practically molesting a willing girl on the dancefloor, the beer was Quiemo Slut in, and the place was mostly empy except for us. The locals are friendly and we had all made Haitian friends and hanging out with them after work meant that we needed to find a real live bar. His beer price was two for 50 gourde which was cheaper than everywhere else. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. We are so fickle. Another volunteer reached through in the Girls of Gonaives night door from the outside, grabbed the bottle and bolted. They came back down the same road at about 1am and this time they stopped. This usually ended in everyone getting wasted and being told to be quiet after 10pm then retreating to far off corners in the Girls of Gonaives night the yard to continue the festivities. Plus he had real tables, a fridge instead of a cooler so the drinks were actually cold, and he even had a sound system, hence the name. Of course we were on their truck within minutes, in the Girls of Gonaives night their hats, and drunkenly holding their guns. It involved a trek in the dark down scary alleys and over a trash pile.

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