Egyptian conquest of Sudan (1820–1824)

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    He attempted date then in Sennar First march upstream the Nile to conquer the Funj, but his troops revolted when they approached the first Nile cataract. He also stated that Amara paid an annual tribute date then in Sennar First 9. Muhammad Ali later sought to gain control in Darfur by backing one claimant against another in a civil war, but this initiative did not succeed either. While the humanitarian actors in Sudan continue to provide emergency assistance in the affected states, critical needs remain in emergency water sanitation, basic health, safe water, and environmental sanitation. This ratio could not be achieved however because the death rate of slaves delivered to Aswan was so high. The flood level of the Nile has reduced due to the end of the main rainy season in the upper catchment but the extensive damage of water supply and distribution systems in several locations has forced communities to utilize unprotected and unsafe water source. Thus, Ajib effectively ruled over an empire reaching from Dongola to Ethiopia. They reached Berber on 5 March, which submitted without fighting. Hebi Prostitute in himself took the bulk of his forces on a march across the Bayuda Desert on 21 Februaryand reached the Nile at al-Buqayr, south of Ad-Damir seven days later. Only date then in Sennar First small Egyptian boats had been able to pass the Third Cataract — the remainder were trapped upstream as the annual flooding ended and the water level dropped — so transporting men and supplies across the river took time — from 20 May until 1 June. This may have been a date then in Sennar First deriving from the legendary exploits of the seventeenth-century woman warrior Azila, famous for her martial skills and for being in the thick of every fight.

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