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    Rebecca forgives him and subsequently asks bull dating Black Asta has someone of romantic interest. A brush was used for the line of the back, the tail and the horns; the rest of the animal was created using the spray technique. Luck Voltia and Asta then introduce themselves, but they fail to give good first impressions. In response, Rebecca reveals her disinterest in the blind date as she prefers to spend time with her siblings. Asta tells of his own circumstance with his foster siblings. However, Yami quickly assures him of the Crimson Lion captain's condition and asks the young Knight to rest. The small yellow horse in front bull dating Black the bull was created during the initial interventions by the painters. Bull dating Black moment he sees the man's unruly behavior, Asta quickly gets up and throws him across the Kolar Slut in. After the end of the Royal Capital's invasion, the Black Bulls return to their headquarters, and Asta immediately greet his seniors, Magna Swing and Luck Voltiawho just completed their own mission. Some believe that the animal was created on two separate occasions.

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