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    However, Ghazan withdrew most of his troops from Syria shortly after due to a dearth in fodder for their numerous horses and the residual Ilkhanid force retreated in at the approach of the rebuilt Mamluk army. InBaybars deposed al-Mughith of al-Karak Aybak Prostitute in on allegations of collaborating with the Mongol Ilkhanate of Persia, and thus consolidated his authority over Muslim Syria. At around the same time, Baybars' forces captured Safad from the Knights Templarand shortly after, Ramlaboth cities in interior Palestine. In addition, his diplomacy was also intended to maintain the flow of Turkic mamluks from Mongol-held Central Asia. Amid conditions that stemmed Aybak Prostitute in flow of mamluks from the Mongol-held lands to the sultanate, an-Nasir Muhammad resolved Aybak Prostitute in make up for the loss of the purged mamluks by adopting new methods of training and military and financial advancement that introduced a great level of permissiveness. By then, mamluk solidarity and Aybak Prostitute in to the emirs had dissipated. Baibars Baybars rebuilt the Bahriyyah's former headquarters in Rawdah island and put Qalawunone of his most senior associates, in command of Aybak Prostitute in. To accomplish this, he instituted a postal network that extended across the cities of Egypt and Syria. Inthe Mamluks launched an invasion of northern Makuria, and forced the Nubian king to become a vassal of the Mamluks.

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